Are you my friend an exceptionally passionate, professional and true to the originality of the art, a


Welcome to our vacancy page. Our position is open and on the roll.

Hourly Wages

Flexibility to your choices of personal and professional engagements. Hours are counted with what you deliver, instead of how long you warm the chair up.

Remote Work Option

Comply with work ethics, high quality in work, originality and you can access our briefings and task lists online at the comfort of your bedroom.

Additional Incentives

We value Originality, Quality and Professionalism in Work Outputs. Delivery in stipulated time period is highly valued. Meet the 5 Star Rating and Get ++ in the moneybox.

Knowledge Gain

Be a part of our Team, and be a part of our educational programs. While you pursue your university courses or not, be assured you have additional knowledge gain opportunities here.

Rules and Regulations that applicant must comply.

  1. For Remote work option, Candidate Must pass 1900 Hours of Work Test. (In Premise)
  2. Must have 40 Project Experience.
  3. Must have a degree in fine arts/multimedia/similar.
  4. Liable for deductions and rejections/withheld requests. (Ref to agreement papers)
  5. Handover of all working files to the company.
  6. Every Working Friday must be an In Person Attendance. 
  7. Pay Grade as per Performance shown & Appraisals Received. 
  8. Legal Employment Contract. 
  9. Legal Compliance to Non Disclosure and/ or Copyrights.
  10. Must Comply with Exit Interviews and Exit Contracts.

Benefits Allocated after completion of 4 Months.

  1. Accidental and Medical Insurance.
  2. Lunch and Travel Allowances.
  3. Data Packs.
  4. Eligibility to ‘Additional Incentives’.
  5. More as per Internal Growth Policy.
Note: Additional provisions and rules and regulations of KPI and Growth of Employees are not mentioned publicly. These are company secrets and will be shared with you over agreements that clearly state our commitment and requirements under which you will be hired.
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