The Hunger Games- Mockingjay

Suzanne Collins is the writer. This is the third part of a Trilogy “The Hunger Games”
I apparently got the book from a cousin, my cousin has two of it, but then the first part of the Trilogy is not there. (I actually picked it off the shelf and got it home without checking.)
Nevertheless, i loved the book. It didn’t make much of a difference as there were characters already wiped out so well just connected the dots and continued reading. (Like she had a father, but now doesn’t.)

I am putting in my perception to the book, the story, hope it does not really create a mass uproar in the fandom.
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The book sums up as the critical acclaim put it Mockingjay was praised for its portrayal of violence, world building, and romantic intrigue and it indeed is captivating. (Dispite reading the third book first.)

The Trilogy’s background is 13 Districts in a conflict to over throw a Capitol for its brutal oppression. The Capitol has its way of resolving this conflict or rather a way of pacifying the rebels. The Hunger Games is a yearly entertainment obsession of people of the Capitol. Here 12 Districts sends a child each to an arena designed by the elite’s of the Capitol. These children must win by killing all the other participants. The winning child of that certain district will bring honor, fortune, mercy and other benefits for their district. The 13th is within the pages, do read the book to know about it.

Let me give my perception to this book without divulging much about it.

First, The Distant Future, when one nation becomes super powerful and super rich; are it’s population just to relax, party and watch death match and decide the fate of a child? Is the government running a propaganda that diminishes rise of revolts via entertainment and Adrenalin rush infused dopamine? Are you seeing such agendas being played in our own government’s board games? (Nirmala Case, Lipulekh Limpudura vs Occupy Balwatar, Covid related standing ups)
Are we to see less of engineers and revolutionary thinkers and more of AI keeping security or Peacekeeping forces of various struggling nations participating to win loyalty points and rewards? Are we to see less of conflicts, mine disasters, human crack downs, genocides (ethnic cleansing) as they are diminished over programs’ popular viewership or directed highlights to keep the population glued away from the harsh reality (government’s failures). The Mockingjay book portrays both the side, the capitol, the rebel, playing the same cards to keep either side of their population in excitement over the madness or to raise the burning urge to raise and revolt.

Second, The Pawn. Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist is the idol and the image of inspiration. The face of the rebel. But how did that happen, apparently with a simple innocent decision to stand by the person she loves, the story tellers of the Rebel Propaganda put her on the stage, highlighted her innocence and made her a star, a beacon, a reason for people with sufferings and depravity to join the Rebel Forces led by President Alma Coin. (The Benefactor, the Rebel Government seeking to gain the power and upper hand against the Capitol’s President Snow). The book portrays pivots and scenes which are catalyst to Katniss accepting to be the Heroic face of the Rebel cause. Similar to what the maze does to a running mouse, run- blocked- forced to make changes. (Eg Petrol Hike, Tax Compulsion, Blockade, Loadhsedding, Covid Lockdown, Inflation, Medicine and Make etc). Here we also see how the media is used to influence the masses. The different scenario of what happens behind the camera and what is presented are different, they are fine tuned, edited and dramatized to make the audience get up on their feet.

Third, The Author, Suzanne Collins, understanding her inspiration and how she shaped the series. I went to the Wikipedia to learn it. She was indeed inspired by the Current Affairs and World Politics. I loved to know the Greek Story/ Mythology of Theseus, the Minotaur and Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a complex Maze Structure which was designed with an intent to make the prisoner loose their mind out of anxiety and self entrapment. In the Greek Story, Minos (Son of Zeus, King of Crete) forced Athens (City of Greece) as a punishment, to sacrifice seven youths and seven maidens to the Minotaur (A Demon kept captive with in the Labyrinth). The blood bath ensues, each fighting to kill in order to survive (induced by entrapment, anxiety and fear) and eventually Minotaur kills all the children. The purpose- Entertainment.

The Author has mentioned, she has also been inspired by the Roman Heroism and Hedonism of the Gladiator.
Suzanne Collins has written the book in a Play Writing format, just as a movie scenes/ theater breaks.

I loved the book despite reading it without reading the previous versions. I visualized the scenes and actions vividly.
The gruesome deaths, heroic battle scenes, the various genetically modified mutts/mutants and the final assassination. The recovery to PTSD was beautiful and the welcoming changes of an era blends well.

Themes (Source Wikipedia)
Major themes of the novels include distrust of authority (of adults and the government), class discrimination and caste, resistance, the ethics of entertainment, and most notably, the origins and effects of war. Social inequality, unaccountable governance and violence against children have also been suggested as prominent themes. “In the world of the ‘Hunger Games’, the Capitol lives a life of extravagant wealth and consumption. Meanwhile, out in the ‘districts’, millions of people work dangerous jobs with low pay. As the Capitol wallows in excess, the districts can barely afford to feed their children.” Author Suzanne Collins also mentions the themes of “just war”, gladiatorial combat and hunger. War as a result of climate disaster, and the power and illusions of television have also been cited as themes. Others have mentioned revolution and rebellion as themes. “Although it’s… aimed at young adults, it presents potentially quite subversive ideas of mass revolution, economic sabotage and the populist fight against oligarchy.”

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