Focus and Concentration

An Excerpt from a book by Tron Dmont.
Should you feel out of sync with normal living in the lockdown period.
Here is one exercise that should help you gain focus.
This exercise also helps creative people to concentrate.
However if you are into meditation, then do consider this for those who do not have the habit of meditating.

Exercise, if practiced, strengthen your will, just as you would strengthen your muscles by athletic exercises.
You will need: A room, Convenient time of the day, A note book and a Watch to time your self.
For the next 6 Days. pick a convenient time. Your exercise must be at the same time of the day for the next 6 days.
Take a Chair, sit and look at the door nob for 10 Minutes. (We need a point of concentration, can be other particular object)
At the end of it note down the experiences and the wandering thoughts.

Now repeat this for the next 6 days and review the changes in experiences and your focus.

The third day may be difficult, but do focus and try harder, you will gain traction.

By the 6th day, you should be feeling more in control of yourself, your emotions and your thoughts.

Hope this helps. Do share with us your experience. #coaching#mindfulness#coaching#experience#people#motivation#creative#share#leadership#success

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